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andersenIT Announces the Appointment of Jason Sinclair as General Manager

Mr Jason Sinclair was engaged in October 2015 by andersenIT in the role of General Manager. Mr Sinclair brings a wealth of experience in operations, technology, HR, sales and marketing, finance along with strategic corporate knowledge. Prior to joining andersenIT, Mr Sinclair contracted to Syncom as Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer. In that role Jason brought a wealth of Industry experience in telecommunications operations, investment strategy and M&A activity.

Mr Sinclair was previously engaged by Pipe Networks in 2008 initially as Pipe’s Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer when the Company was sold to TPG for $373M in one of the largest telecommunications transactions in Australia. During his tenure as Chief Executive Officer Mr Sinclair was instrumental in growing the Company’s fibre network infrastructure exponentially.

He was also instrumental in several significant client wins for major fibre infrastructure builds including the ASX Net rollout, similarly IRESS and significantly VHA which was the Company’s largest deal and which was a multi-year rollout project.

In previous roles Jason worked at Pacific Internet as Pacific Internet’s Operations Manager. As part of the senior management team, he was responsible for the secure upkeep and development of Pacific Internet’s network servicing more than 61,000 customers, including more than 20,000 small to medium business customers across Australia.

Prior to Pacific Internet, Mr Sinclair worked for PowerTel in the role of Operations Manager and was responsible for both Engineering and Operational sections during his tenure. He was responsible for designing, building, operating and maintaining the Carrier’s network in Australia.

Mr Sinclair has more than 21 years experience in the technology sector and has also worked for a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia, including Dodo, Access One and OzEmail, in both operational and engineering roles.

Mr Sinclair is currently completing his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor Of Law (LLB) at Southern Cross University and also holds numerous vendor certifications including Cisco’s CCIE certification, the highest level of Cisco certification that can be achieved.

With a strong interest in convergent technologies and fibre optic telecommunications, he is also a published author with titles in the areas of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), routing protocols and Cisco Certifications.

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