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IT Resource Planning ahead of the Holidays

The holidays are a very joyful time of year. But we all know the season comes with a unique set of challenges and many new responsibilities. For IT teams, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure that your system is up and running while some of the staff are on leave.

In this article, we will share with you some tips and strategies on how to stay ahead of IT staffing needs during the Holidays. Let’s get started.

Have a clear IT leave management plan for the holiday

During the holiday, enterprise infrastructure can be overwhelmed by the volume of data and lack of personnel to operate. Therefore, it is necessary that IT teams plan their way towards holidays, accounting for the increased stress. The plan must include a roadmap of managing overburdened systems and creating contingencies.

With clearly defined policies, you can prevent employees from taking holidays at the same time if it would impact your business performance. This is helpful especially if your company is divided into teams or departments. During peak periods, planning accordingly can make a huge difference.

Get everyone on the same page

As casual talks are the daily bread in the office, holiday plans come up in conversation. Take this opportunity to let them support your planning and get everyone on the same page. Have a few prep meetings before your staff goes on leave. Make sure everyone knows who’s in charge of the regular activities and identify any additional skills of individual team members.

Involve your Managed Services Provider

If your IT team is understaffed or stretched thin, the holidays aren’t going to help. Leveraging an MSP can help augment your staff and free up your internal resources. A mature service provider can offer 24/7/365 availability and support for your entire IT environment and allow your team to enjoy their time off. The sooner you involve your MSP, the sooner they can engage their technical counterparts.

Establish a culture of accountability

If someone takes a holiday break, they must be responsible and guarantee their work is completed and accounted for ahead of time. In addition, the employee must make sure that their counterpart is properly trained and oriented to make sure all work will be covered.

If you see gaps in your IT resource plan or if you are receiving a high volume of leave requests, please reach out to us as we’re happy to help. Please fill out the form below or contact us at or 1300 428 248.

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