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Kick Off the New Year Knowing Your ICT House is in Order

What do you do if you break a window? Who do you call if your drain is blocked?  When do you repaint your house?

You can always attempt to build, repair, fix or maintain something yourself and you may sort it. But if you want a job done right, first time and quickly with the best possible outcome, you call in an expert. And generally there is always an expert on hand to help you when and where you need it.

So when do you call a consultant? And what do they build, and what problem do they repair, fix or maintain?

Just as you call a lawyer when you need legal advice, or a doctor when you need health advice, andersenIT is you lawyer or doctor for all your ICT needs. And just because you may not have a problem you know of now, similarly to a regular check-up at the doctor, andersentIT is your ICT check-up.

At andersenIT we’re in the business of understanding your business and we will only make recommendations when we believe we can, build, repair, fix or maintain things that better your environment. That’s our promise and it’s that level of honesty and transparency that our business has been built on.

We are not in the business of:

• Selling tin
• Aligning ourselves to vendors
• Going with the latest ICT buzz word to cash in on the unknowing
• Shoe horning you into a solution you don’t need and charging you typical consultancy fees for the sake of it

At andersenIT, we’ve built an ICT consultancy practice on solid foundations, first and foremost, we give a damn. Our business has grown from taking pride and care in every customer engagement. No matter how small your problem is, you can be assured that you have a helper with a skilled set of ears that listen first, then asks the right questions and will only offer advice if we believe that we can add value to your business.

We’re 100% independent from vendors and carriers, allowing us to provide expert advice and skill directly to you, without requiring any lock in commitment, promises of discounts for all of business or an all or nothing approach. It seems somewhat ironic that a lot of our business is directly from vendors who require an independent party to ensure that their technology is delivering as promised.

If, like many, you have questioned the need for ICT consultancy why not give us a call and organise a time to meet with one of our people. We’ll buy you a coffee, we’ll listen and we’ll definitely offer you expert advice if we can help. And perhaps your view of consultants will change and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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