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Sports Tech is on the rise – andersenIT

The sports tech industry is destined to skyrocket over the next 10 to 20 years. In 2021, the global sports tech sector was estimated to be worth A$25.7 billion and with the massive investments in areas like e-sports and the Olympics, the global sports tech industry is estimated to grow by 17.5% per annum amounting to A$57.5 billion by 2026, according to a report published by the Australian Sports Technologies Network.

Sports organisations have found ways to better manage COVID interruptions and teams and athletes that embrace this new way of working are uncovering a new competitive advantage. We will surely continue to see sports play a pivotal role in cultural progress across the globe.

Australia's Sports Tech Industry

The Sports Innovation Report 2022 estimates that the Australian sports tech sector earns an annual revenue of $3.1 billion creating jobs for nearly 10,800 people. Over the past decade, local sports tech companies have grown from 224 to 605 by 2022, recording a 170% increase. And with Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympics, there is no sign of slowing down. Victoria, the sports capital of Australia, leads in sports innovation. It represents 44% of the industry, followed by NSW at 27% and QLD at 20%.

Of the technology categories that sports tech businesses are adopting to develop their solutions, 61% were ICT-based (particularly around capturing and distributing sports content), 16% were advanced materials (such as those used for apparel and equipment that could be fibres or composites), 13% were sensors and devices while 9% were health, medical & biotech.

Supporting the Growth of the Sports Tech industry

With massive growth comes monumental demand in sports tech networks and infrastructure. As the preparations for Brisbane 2032 Olympics kick off, a huge amount of investment and innovation are pouring into the sports technology industry ahead of this globally unifying event.

The arrival of 5G and the continuously improving strategy on digital content management will further underpin growth, transforming streaming and stadium concepts, including augmented reality, fan experiences, and content sharing.

Cybersecurity is also an emerging topic in the new era of sports tech. Athletes, teams, and other sports bodies are getting closer to the forefront of cyberattacks. We can recall that Swimming Australia’s website came under a suspected cyber attack in the wake of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Swimming Australia was then "operating in an 'under attack' mode", and the organisation was using software to check every browser accessing the page to ensure they were legitimate.

James Demetriou, Chair, ASTN says with increased demand for Australia’s innovation and technologies, Australia’s sports tech sector is on track to reach unprecedented levels if it embraces the emerging trends pinpointed in the report.

andersenIT fully supports the growth and development of the local and global sports tech industry. Historically, andersenIT has been rooting for and financially supporting Paralympians. And we are looking to support Sports organisations further with their IT infrastructure, network management, data protection, storage and virtualisation. There is a historic opportunity to bring the sports community together and the legacy that we can create will be one of continued growth and opportunity.

If you are looking to invest in sports tech or looking to upgrade your current sports IT infrastructure, please contact our team at or fill out the quick form below for technical advice.

Sources: ASTN, ITWire

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