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The Value of Project Management

Project management is one of the many specialist services that andersenIT offer as we understand the benefit of strong project management practices and presence and its influence over project success.

A strong project management presence provides stakeholder engagement, centralised and coordinated communications, requirements identification, and budget and scope monitoring just to scratch the surface.

Possibly the best way to think of a project manager is that of a facilitator. Someone to keep their eye on the bigger picture and to ensure that all those involved are aware of the vision and are all working in the same direction towards that vision.

Our approach to project management tends to see involvement peak early on in the project lifecycle as requirements are gathered and defined, the business objectives of the project are documented, the scope is defined and key stakeholders are engaged. Once the project is defined and underway the project manager can typically play more of a monitoring role during delivery. During this phase the project manager continually monitors scope, budget, deliverables and ensures all stakeholders are kept up to date with progress, escalating new issues and risks as they arise and monitoring these through to resolution.

Activity generally peaks once again during project closure as the PM ensures that all deliverables have been met to the quality standards agreed upon.

Project management is a technical skill and a service that andersenIT considers just as crucial as the senior technical consultants that work on your project. When determining project management contribution we assess upfront the complexity of the project and apply project management effort accordingly. Complexity can mean much more than the technical scope of a project. There are many factors that contribute to project complexity, including the number of stakeholders influencing outcomes.

Having a good project manager keeping everyone informed and working in the same direction can mean the difference between success and failure. We engage projects to introduce change. Having someone overseeing and managing that process of change can be a real benefit to any organisation. Talk to us today on 07 3251 9333about your project management needs.

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