Managed Cloud Services

Whether you’re hosting in Public or Private Cloud andersenIT is here to make sure your cloud infrastructure is working optimally, your workloads and applications are in the right place, and it’s all fully backed up and protected. As an experienced managed cloud service provider, we offer a wide range of managed cloud services that include deployment, migration, cyber protection, management and optimisation of your cloud infrastructure. We work with you to identify your unique cloud roadmap and ensure your infrastructure is aligned to your business objectives.

Managed Cloud

andersenIT End-to-End Cloud Services: 

andersenIT provides the following cloud services:

  • Cloud Deployment - rapid cloud deployments configured and tailored to your business needs
  • Cloud Security - enhanced compliance and security features
  • Managed Network and Storage - supported by round-the-clock management and efficient network and storage infrastructure
  • Colocation - scalable and agile 
  • Cloud Migration - have a fresh perspective in establishing critical business applications and meeting business objectives
  • Cloud Monitoring and Reporting - continuous guidance and monitoring from planning strategies to executing them
  • Business Continuity - business continuity with ease in dealing with heavy workloads.

Why businesses entrust their Cloud environment to andersenIT

  • More than 20 years of experience managing critical infrastructures
  • Range of managed cloud platforms to grow at your own pace - AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, VMware Cloud
  • Dedicated team to optimise your solution
  • The right cloud platform aligned with your data governance requirements
  • 24/7 alerting and monitoring.

andersenIT Cloud Migration solutions: 

  • Creation of current/interim/final state Visio diagrams
  • Design documents for Network & VPN, Virtualization and Backup & Recovery in the new cloud tenancies
  • Establishment of network connectivity between the on-premises network and the new cloud tenancy as per the low-level design
  • Establishment of a VPN server within the new cloud tenancy as per the low-level design
  • Creation of refreshed Active Directory Infrastructure within the new Azure tenancy as per the low-level design
  • Migration of the remaining VM workload within the current VMware solution into the Azure tenancies as per the low-level design
  • As Built' documentation to reflect the new configuration.

Top Benefits of Managed Cloud Environment: 

  • Lower Infrastructure Cost - one of the major reasons why the cloud setting has gained much traction is that this IT style can drastically reduce costs for end-users. A managed Cloud will typically reduce the cost of managing and maintaining complex IT systems
  • Better Cyber ​​Security Support - data theft and leaks can be dangerous for any company, in addition to causing millions of dollars in losses. Having a team of experts managing and monitoring your cloud systems and infrastructure generates the peace of mind you need, knowing that the data of your clients and your workers will be protected
  • Scalability and Customisation – with a Managed Cloud environment, your operational and storage needs can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the changing needs of your organisation
  • Automated Patching and Updating – updates and security patches are essential to maintaining a reliable and sustained IT environment. Cloud services are generally always connected to the internet and are constantly being patched by their providers. Because hardware is maintained in centralised locations, it’s also easier for cloud providers to ensure that critical infrastructure devices are always up to date and secure
  • Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) - that enables business owners to secure business continuity by quickly eliminating mobility and portability challenges as well as rapidly recovering data in emergencies. Managed DRaaS is completely accountable and dependable on the implementation and management of data protection and recovery with no additional spending on software licenses or hardware. 

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