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Understanding Your Needs

We excel in developing and managing solutions and their implementation to solve your IT infrastructure challenges. We assist organisations through our advisory services, requirements analyses, technology assessments and IT architecture design.

Tailoring Solutions

Our experts will optimise a strategy and solution formulated according to your project request and budget. Further, we offer a wide range of consultancy services to identify your IT issues and diagnose them accordingly.

Additional Service Offerings

  • Strategic advisory services

    When looking to the future and attempting to decide what is the next best step for your IT infrastructure and resourcing requirements, it helps to have a partner who can provide you with independent, objective advice. andersenIT brings decades of experience dealing with a broad range of enterprises and industries to assist you in developing your strategic plan.

  • Business intelligence & information management

    Your data is a dead asset unless you can unlock its true value. At andersenIT, we have assisted many organisations in understanding the value they can extract from the years of information that they have steadily built over time.
    Also as important is to ensure you protect and optimise your data assets. andersenIT has decades of experience in how you can sleep easy knowing that your data and your business is secure.

  • Business case development

    We specialise in understanding your business to select the right solution for your needs. After the solution is selected the solution often get compromised because the case is not adequately explained. andersenIT will assist you in conveying the correct solution by creating a compelling business case. We identify options and perform a cost and risk analysis to deliver a strong, justifiable case that your senior management will support.

  • Data centre procurement/relocation

    andersenIT knows each business has unique data centre requirements. We have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our data centre service expertise includes:

    • Engineering expertise to optimise your current facility
    • Audit and document your current environment
    • Design, plan and implement upgrades to your in house facility
    • Compare the cost of your internal facility to market offerings
    • Obtain commercially competitive offers from all data centre providers
    • Planning and execution of data centre migrations

  • New technologies assessment & advice

    The only true-ism in IT is that it is always changing. andersenIT works at the cutting edge of infrastructure technology to provide you with reasoned and balanced insights, whilst cutting through the marketing hype, to assist you in finding the best solution for you actual needs.

  • Cloud readiness review & costing modelling

    We can help you develop your on-going cloud strategy to get the most out of a rapidly evolving marketplace. Be it private, public or a hybrid cloud solution, we can show you benefits and the pitfalls of the many different options. We will help you:

    • Compare the cost of rehousing components of your computing platform to cloud offerings including cost modelling to ensure you don’t get caught by currency fluctuations.
    • Planning and execution of cloud migrations

  • IT architecture needs & design

    Do you need to increase your competitive advantage or organisational efficiencies? Many businesses are finding their current IT architecture has low flexibility, poor scalability, little to no upgradeability, and does not have the adaptability to meet the changing needs of the business.

    andersenIT will help improve your IT architecture by improving performance from your current IT investment and recommend upgrades and enhancements as appropriate to meet your business needs, for today and for tomorrow.

  • Telecommunications consultancy services

    If you think your telecommunication spend is too high, then you’re probably right. At andersenIT we provide a consultancy service focused on understanding your current telecommunication landscape and providing you with market intelligence on what technology options and providers are available to best fit your business goals and objectives.

  • Business continuity & DR consulting

    Will your business survive a disaster with your current level of preparation? Are you ready for the everyday disaster such as power spike, fire sprinklers, theft, or wilful destruction?

    We will help your business develop a disaster recovery (DR) plan by identifying the gap between your business needs and current capability. We work with your team to develop detailed DR documentation and if required, assist you to produce a business case for further infrastructure investment to meet your business needs.

  • Infrastructure performance reviews

    We will help your business get the most from your existing infrastructure. Our highly skilled engineers will review the current configuration and performance of your infrastructure to design and implement changes to extend the performance and life of your systems.

  • Solution selection & design

    Early engagement with our technical consultants will ensure that all options are considered and budget expectations are set appropriately from the outset. We will identify options and perform a cost and risk analysis to deliver a strong, justifiable preferred solution.

  • Procurement services

    Buyers Advocacy

    • We can bring our years of representing our client’s interests in dealing with multiple vendors to procure the best possible solution for you for the best possible price.

    Licensing Review & Requirements

    • One of the biggest traps in today’s software defined IT landscape is the risk of under-licensing. Software vendors often demand mandatory audits of your environment to ensure that you are compliant. andersenIT can work with you to ensure your are fully covered and not subject to a very expensive and unexpected back-licensing bill.

    Infrastructure Sourcing

    • If you are looking for a fully integrated solution, from a single accountable supplier, andersenIT can provide you all the necessary hardware and software you need, fully implemented.

Challenge identification and strategy formulation

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Intelligent Solutions
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