Making your IT work for you

Understanding Your Systems

Having the best IT infrastructure is worthless if you can’t rely on it to be available and efficient. We understand that IT can be unpredictable, and that monitoring can save you from a costly outage – our sustainability service offerings will ensure that your IT systems run smoothly through a combination of monitoring, alerting, and 24×7 on-call access to our team of technical experts. 

Building Your Business

With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of IT, every aspect of our advice – from assessment to delivery, implementation and maintenance – is tailored to your unique requirements ensuring that your IT is there to support your business. With support from our dedicated team of experts, your IT systems will work to accelerate your business and ensure that your business goals are being met.

Additional Service Offerings

  • Infrastructure performance maintenance

    Your infrastructure needs to perform well every day, not just the day after it goes live. Changing workloads requires that your infrastructure be closely monitored to ensure that you are maximising your investment. We have helped many organisations extend the useful life of their environment by some simple maintenance activities. We can do that for you too.

  • Cloud management & optimisation

    Cloud. It’s a term that can mean a lot of different things to many different people. With a rapidly changing Cloud landscape with many new and existing players offering new and enticing products and services, it can be difficult to keep up to date and to ensure that you are maximising your cloud spend. We can help you ensure you remain agile and not get caught out by unexpected costs and outages.

  • Change & communications

    Our project and operations co-ordination and administration services allow your business to get the most out of your IT team by keeping them on task.

    andersenIT provides administration and coordination services on a full time, part time and consulting basis.

  • Enterprise backup & recovery support

    Any disaster recovery or business continuity procedure is highly dependent on the quality of your data backup strategy and how closely you adhere to it. Avoid lost opportunities or total loss of business by making sure every piece of business-critical data is placed on back up and ready for complete data recovery whenever the need arises.

    andersenIT Enterprise Backup Support Services solidifies your backup strategy by not only testing, monitoring, and managing your entire backup system and infrastructure, but also recommending improvements wherever needed.

  • IT health checks

    With business processes now heavily reliant on IT, you just can’t afford to be ignorant of the actual state of your IT systems. A seemingly healthy system might actually be underperforming or even on the brink of an outage. It is therefore important to ascertain the health status of your IT assets in order to prevent any unplanned business disruptions.
    Our technical specialists can review even the most complex IT environments and produce accurate and concise reports detailing the health status of each component.

  • 24/7 monitoring, alerting & on-call support

    We offer a 24/7 on-call support and monitoring service for your critical systems on a fixed price basis. The on-call service is staffed by highly experienced level 3 engineers. Our committed 30 minute response time and high level resources mean that you will get a timely response from qualified personnel for your high severity incidents.

  • Enterprise service management

    • Windows/Linux/UNIX
    • VMware/Hyper-V
    • Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase
    • TSM/CommVault/Netbackup
    • NetApp/IBM/EMC
    • Nutanix/Simplivity
    • Public & Private Clouds

  • Software support

    Subscription tracking & procurement 

    One of the challenges with modern software is tracking your licensing costs. This is particularly true with a heavily virtualised IT infrastructure, combined with vendors making changes to their licensing model to maximise their profits. We can help not only bring clarity to your actual licensing situation, but also bring real world experience in ways to optimise your software licensing spend.

  • Hardware lifecycle management

    Managing the lifecycle of your infrastructure has its challenges. When to replace, and with what? When to extend the warranty, and is that even possible? At andersenIT we work with you to maximise your current IT investments, and if necessary, help you find the best path forward to ensure your IT continues to work for your business or organisation.

Ensuring your IT supports and empowers your business

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At Your Service
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