andersenIT provide exceptional specialist technical consulting, project and managed services for your UNIX and Linux environments.

andersenIT's extensive experience in enterprise UNIX operating systems is relied upon by enterprise customers and vendors alike to diagnose and remediate complex problems. We offer tailored solutions and advanced support for:

Linux (Redhat/SUSE/Debian/Ubuntu/Centos), AIX, VIOS, HP-UX, SUN Solaris.

Consulting Services:

andersenIT provides the following consulting services:

  • Options analysis of in house, outsourced and cloud solutions
  • Independent design reviews
  • Identification and remediation of performance issues
  • Review of operating system configurations with recommendations for optimisation
  • Design and implementation of disaster recovery and high availability solutions
  • Data migrations
  • Review and update of patch levels

Project Services:

andersenIT provides a full suite of storage project services including:

Managed Services:

andersenIT also offer a full suite of managed services for your UNIX/Linux systems, including:

  • Active system based monitoring with alerting to provide surety that your systems will continue to be available
  • Daily checks by experienced engineers
  • 24/7 on-call support backed with a team of highly skilled engineers
  • Regular health checks to keep your system optimised which include:
    • Detailed technical analysis of your UNIX/Linux environments
    • Review of host servers and associated guest partitions
    • Review of management servers for best practice configuration and performance
    • Review of high availability configurations
    • Review of disaster recovery capability and readiness
    • Recommendations for patching, issue remediation, performance improvements and upgrades
    • Review of system logs
  • Routine system maintenance including:
    • Patch and service pack updates
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Host capacity management and forecasting
    • Performance reviews and tune-up advice
    • Installation and configuration of backup and recovery software
    • Backup and recovery testing
    • Redundancy and availability testing
    • Licensing compliance reviews
  • BAU Support including:
    • Level 3 troubleshooting
    • Incident management and resolution
    • User and security management
    • Virtual host setup and configuration
    • Configuration of alarms for warning and critical events
    • Management of snapshots
    • Capacity management and forecasting
    • Expert advice
    • Vendor liaison and management
    • Fast response disaster recovery assistance